eyes that see

On the cusp of Valentine's, there's something especially beautiful about this one...

beary much.jpg

It's not just that cute face smiling through the cut out heart (though that is precious).  It's the 'loving mess' casting so much endearment on it.  It's the purple, glittery heart - which sheds copious amounts of glitter during proud, 'look mama!' moments of presentation.  It's the line of grimace, haste, unsteady hand, etc of expression for the mouth.  The caveat of it, the missing eye - that part makes me smile the most.  Many of bubba & lucy's beautiful projects go partially 'blind' along the road to proud presentation. A collection of lost eyes has begun...

eyes that see - 1.jpg

I smile looking at these faceless eyes too.  They represent hard work, loving lil' hands and mishaps.  I think all of this is a pretty good summation of parenting at times.  Hasty, unsteady, hard-working, proud, smiling, grimacing, partially 'blind' - even a 'loving mess' of purple glitter in moments!

At the doorstep of the 'love' holiday, I'm thinking humbly about the love for and from my children.  In many ways, they're mirrors of the love we give them.  Moreover though, they're beacons of the love our heavenly Father must have for us.  It comes to us in our less than moments, it's beauty amidst our mess, it's pure and joyful at it's core.  It's finding and giving grace in the midst of the mishaps.  Being humbled by the greater beauty and measures of love shining through in spite of. 


So here's wishing a happiest of Valentine's to my babies, those 'thundering beats'.  Thank you for humbling me, inspiring me, bringing so much light and joy to my days - thank you most for returning and increasing my love.  My cup truly runneth over and over...

Jesus took a little child and put it among them; and taking it in his arms, he said to them, "Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me." Mark 9:36-37