yes, but don't you think it's beautiful...

was the simple plea from Bubba yesterday as he proudly 'presented' his mama with these -

john's plant

In what was likely a hurried mama moment right before that, I gently said, 'but baby, it's a big weed' to which he humbled me with, 'yes, but don't you think it's beautiful?'  A 'slow the hurry pause' from me, and then, 'yes, baby (sigh) it's still beautiful.'

Pause, humility, grace, seeing things a new way - all feel like 'stopgaps' in my day.  Filling a void I often don't realize is perpetually depleting.  I read something this morning that gave me that whole range of void fillers all at once - reminding me why that weed is so beautiful.

...He handpicked your children for you. These are the children He wants us to have, and He uses them to keep us close to Him.
— Courtney Joseph, 'Women Living Well'
bubba's plant on porch

Bubba knows I love plants, he knows green is one of my favorite colors, he knows I will put almost anything that grows in water and proudly adorn a counter top or table with it.  He also knows a kind, sweet, thoughtful gesture will put needed pause in his ol' mama ♥

Like this 'masterpiece' he presented me with following a quiet time over the weekend.  He could have chose from any number of activities/play, but used his time for this...

bubba's art

He presented this with 2, hot pink rubber bracelets (from his prized collection) and the most proud smile I'd ever seen cross his face.  With likenesses only a mother's heart could love, it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever been given. 

That sentiment at the bottom is what's ringing loud this morning - my 5 year old gets it.  My children are handpicked for me and me for them.  And in spite of me sometimes, He uses them to draw me close.  He reminds me that my duty to teach and raise them is going to be superseded time and again by well-placed simple graces, humility and love I can wrap my arms around ♥

So we have known and believe the love that God has for us.  1 John 4:16