slow down old world...

Slow down, slow down old world - there's no hurry...


I could almost hear Willie crooning that familiar tune as I flipped through this book this morning.  Made on the cusp of a major life change, it was meant to be an 'anchor' of sorts.  Something I could quickly grab and be bombarded with images of what mattered most.  The intention still stands a couple of years later, although...


the pictures hit me in a whole new way this morning and that's when I started hearing Willie.  In thinking about the every day, the busyness, the relentless pace, the never-ceasing demands, the questions, the to-do's.  If I could shake a fist at it all - 'slow down old world' would be my plea. 

sae sae_B&L

These pictures of my 'babies' - smaller, slower - in many ways less so, make me ache for what felt like simpler times.  The older I get, the older they get, the more time goes by, the more I feel the weight and certainty of one of life's few unwavering truths - change.  You can't stop time and you can't keep things from changing. 


With that, I'm learning/challenging myself to slow it down any way I can in a life affording less and less room for any of that.  Living more of a 'why not' where time/space allow.  Learning to let go and stop always trying to keep it 'between the lines' (self-drawn, often unrealistic and unforgiving lines at that).  Not pausing too long in the rear view that I miss the view ahead.

waterplay 2_b&l 0414

Letting the ring of unbridled laughter and joy consume the moment and draw me in.  Trying not to fear the fleeting and ride the wave of change as best I can.  Enjoying that 'sweet spot' between where the moment just requires my presence.  Moments like, 'look mama' - and those simple joys that help temper the day's journey. 

showing their animals

Back to the reason for that book, a life-line sentiment I clung to during that unwanted (hindsight needed) life change was 'there are moments in the sun ahead'.  And the more I seek those, take the time to feel them and praise God for giving them - therein will be the measure of my days.

b&l backsteps 0414

Spring's a nice kick-in-the-pants for change resisters like me.  I can't not be amazed and inspired by the new life emerging all around.  Winter-steps get lightened, days get longer, more sun moments keep emerging. 

Slow down old world ends with a line repeating...'Cause my life ain't mine anymore.  Looking past the fear and melancholy that can evoke, trying to see the freedom and grace found in it.

This spring, this life season, it bears repeating...

s l o w . d o w n

s l o w . d o w n . o l d . w o r l d

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